Welcome to The Black Tulip

The Black Tulip is a family business made up of a mother and daughter team. We’ve spent two lifetimes at auctions, vintage clothing shops, second-hand stores, and yard sales seeking treasures for ourselves, and now we’ve decided to share that experience with others!

The Black Tulip is an online shop featuring vintage clothes, jewellery, hats, scarves, gloves and other occasional surprises.

We have sought out small home decor pieces from as early as the 1890’s to the 1970’s, including small furniture, decorative glass, artwork and knickknacks.

Over the last year we have been fortunate to have collected some lovely table linens, kitchen linens as well as an assortment of aprons.

A passion for cooking has lead to the collection of retro kitchen cookware and serving pieces from the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. Recently we have come across quality cookware manufactured in France, Portugal and Italy.

When we post an item, we will show you detailed pictures of the product, as well as indicate any flaws or damage. Our goal is to always be upfront so you will know exactly what you are buying.

Please sign up for our news letter. It will be your heads up on new products or items that will be offered for sale. We will share details on items before they are listed, giving our faithful customers the advantage of being at the front of the line. We will not share or sell your email information.

Our shipping policy is to determine the most economical, but reliable, way to ship to you. For heavy, delicate, multiple, or larger items please email us and we will tailor the shipping to your individual needs. We ship only within Canada.

Thank you for visiting our site! If you have any questions or concerns we invite you to contact us at theblacktulipstudio@gmail.com.

– Dee and Ang